Collision Company Grown by Wayne Hartung

Businesses grow at different speeds. The variables for what motivates business growth vary across the board and industry but Wayne Hartung understood what was needed to grow the company he worked for. When he was only 24 years old, Wayne Hartung joined a collision company with only five collision centers.

With five collision centers, the company that hired Wayne Hartung was considered small. Skilled in business, Wayne Hartung saw great potential for the company and knew he would be the one to facilitate rapid business growth. Wayne Hartung quickly utilized his personal and professional skills to grow his own position within the company.

Wayne Hartung

Wayne Hartung

Two years after joining the company, Wayne Hartung became the company’s Vice President. With a position of respect and someone people would listen to, Wayne Hartung drew up the plans to grow and expand the company into new potential markets. Wayne Hartung’s business plan was sound and his plan for expansion and growth was put to work. Soon, Wayne Hartung saw the plans for growth play out just as he had envisioned.

During the tenure of Wayne Hartung, the collision company grew from five collision centers to 77. The small business that had hired Wayne Hartung had been replaced with a large collision company with a Fortune 500 status. The rapid growth of the company was the result of Wayne Hartung’s vision and action. Without Wayne Hartung, the company would not have reached the size it achieved in such a short time.

Wayne Hartung’s skills as a small business leader were recognized by more than just the company that hired him. Senator Tom Delay requested Wayne Hartung represent the needs of small businesses before Congress. After Wayne Hartung accepted the position, he became a delegate for small businesses across lower Alabama. Through Wayne Hartung, small businesses gained a voice in Congress.


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