Wayne Hartung Climbs Company Ladder

There are a number of tips available online for how to be recognized within a company and climb the corporate ranks. In large companies, this may be more difficult because there is more competition and many employees who are equally, if not more qualified than others for the position. Sometimes, it comes down to personal skill and personality over education.

Wayne Hartung had no problem climbing the corporate ladder when he was in his mid-20’s. Wayne Hartung didn’t join a large company. When he was 24, he joined a collision company that had five collision center locations. When he joined the company, he already had attended university and possessed experience in business leadership. Wayne Hartung’s experience as a business leader and visionary was cemented when he founded his own company at age 19.

Wayne Hartung

Wayne Hartung

With skills in a business leadership position demonstrated by the founding of his commercial real estate company, Wayne Hartung climbed the ranks of authority within the company and became the company’s Vice President in only two years. From the outside, the quick rise of power within the company seems astounding but to Wayne Hartung, it was the reward for his natural talent, skill, and hard work.

Wayne Hartung accomplished a lot as the company’s Vice President. He grew the company from five locations to 77. Not only did the company grow rapidly in its home state of Alabama, but Wayne Hartung expanded the company across state borders. The company also went from a small business, to the status of a Fortune 500 company.

In 1998, Wayne Hartung became President of Marshall Auto Painting and Collision. The prime focus of the company is painting. The company paints cars, trucks, RVs, and semis. Wayne Hartung loves is job and is naturally talented in business. He has received recognitions for his leadership in business and even worked as a small business delegate before Congress.


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