Rapid Company Growth Achieved by Wayne Hartung

Many successful business leaders say they were confident in their abilities and that confidence is what made them achieve great things. While every business has ups and downs, there are some business owners and leaders who are determined and confident in the growth of their company. Wayne Hartung is one of these confident business leaders.

Wayne Hartung’s confidence can be found in his own abilities and experience. America loves entrepreneurs and Wayne Hartung became one when he was a teenager. When he was 19, Wayne Hartung founded his own business. He continues to head the business as President today.

At age 24, Wayne Hartung was well on his way to even more success in business. He joined an automotive collision company and soon, working his way into a corporate position. Two years after joining the company, Wayne Hartung was the company’s Vice President. Originally, the company had five collision locations. Wayne Hartung rapidly grew the company from five locations to 77. Even more impressive, Wayne Hartung grew the company across state lines. His company had collision locations across the United States and held the status of a Fortune 500 company.

Wayne Hartung

Wayne Hartung

Wayne Hartung believes success in business is possible when you understand the needs of your business and its future potential. When Wayne Hartung was asked to represent the needs of small business before Congress, he agreed. Working as a delegate for businesses was important to Wayne Hartung because as an entrepreneur and business leader, he understood there are times business leaders and visionaries need help. As a delegate, Wayne Hartung helped to obtain grants for small and minority businesses.

In 2013, Wayne Hartung is still a successful business leader. He will always be an entrepreneur at heart and he looks forward to the growth of his company. Wayne Hartung is President of Hartung Commercial Properties and Marshall Auto Painting and Collision.


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