Wayne Hartung Grows Company

Talent comes at all ages. Some people are able to achieve great things at a young age while others hit their prime later in life. Wayne Hartung is one individual who was blessed with success early into his career. Wayne Hartung’s ability to understand the needs of business is easily recognizable when you take a quick look at his own career.

Wayne Hartung entered the world of business early. He became an entrepreneur before he was 20 when he founded a commercial real estate company in Alabama. By age 24, Wayne Hartung had joined an automotive repair company. Although the company was relatively small, Wayne Hartung saw it had tremendous potential.

Wayne Hartung

Wayne Hartung

Being new to the company, Wayne Hartung had a vision others in the company didn’t possess. Within two years, Wayne Hartung’s skills in business and leadership quality enabled him to climb the corporate ladder. In just two years time, Wayne Hartung became the company’s Vice President. It was as Vice President that Wayne Hartung helped the company grow.

Originally, the automotive repair company had five locations. While this is not necessarily a small business, it is not large either. Wayne Hartung, as Vice President, took the company from a small local business to the status of a Fortune 500 company. It was also thanks to Wayne Hartung’s knowledge and skill that the company grew to 77 locations across multiple states.

Wayne Hartung has always been confident in his business abilities. It is what makes him such a strong and dependable business leader. Wayne Hartung is proud to be a young entrepreneur and the President of two companies. When Wayne Hartung founded his first company, he was a university student. Today, Wayne Hartung believes education is important, but equally important to him is the ability to lead others and to envision a direction for company growth and prosperity.


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