Business Leadership Demonstrated by Wayne Hartung

Wayne Hartung is now a seasoned business professional, but he did not always start off that way. Wayne Hartung was never certain how successful he would be as a business leader but it was something he dreamed of achieving from an early age. Wayne Hartung always understood the importance of self-motivation and he was rewarded with the title of entrepreneur at age 19.

It was when he was just 19 years old and still a university student that Wayne Hartung founded Hartung Commercial Properties. The company buys, sells, and leases commercial real estate and was founded by Wayne Hartung in his home state of Alabama. Wayne Hartung founded the commercial real estate company in 1988, but it was a decade later that he would again prove his ability to lead.

Wayne Hartung

Wayne Hartung

When Wayne Hartung was 24, he joined an automotive repair company. The company he joined had five locations but within two years, Wayne Hartung climbed the ranks to the position of Vice President and took the company to Fortune 500 status with 77 repair locations. Wayne Hartung became the President of Marshall Auto Painting and Collision in 1998, and continued to operate his business with a strong sense of customer service and quality work.

Wayne Hartung understands well the needs of small businesses. It was what allowed him to grow the automotive repair company in such a short amount of time. For his work and success as a leader, Wayne Hartung was appointed by Senator Tom Delay as the small business delegate for lower Alabama. As the small business delegate, Wayne Hartung represented the needs of businesses and their concerns to Congress. As part of his role, Wayne Hartung worked with legislators to obtain grants for small businesses. Wayne Hartung’s ability to perform his role as business delegate effectively came from his own experience as an entrepreneur and business owner.


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