Wayne Hartung Brings Business to Congress

Without a doubt, government is an important entity. The government controls billions of dollars and many industries lobby so their industries will benefit from government funds and projects. Often, small businesses feel powerless to get their needs and concerns before Congress, but there are still people ready to fight for the men and women who are small business owners.

While most may not be familiar with his name, Wayne Hartung worked to get the concerns of small business owners across the country before Congress. He felt qualified to do so because Wayne Hartung himself is an entrepreneur and business owner. He founded his first business as a university student and became the President of a paint and collision company in 1998.

Wayne Hartung was recognized for his own success in business in Alabama by Senator Tom Delay. It was Senator Tom Delay who asked Wayne Hartung to be the small business delegate for lower Alabama. Honored to be asked, Wayne Hartung agreed. As the delegate, Wayne Hartung represented business needs and concerns to Congress. In addition to raising small business concerns, Wayne Hartung worked with legislators to obtain grants for small and minority businesses.

Wayne Hartung

Wayne Hartung

Even though small business owners may feel powerless by themselves, together, they make a strong and powerful group. Many senators rely on small business owners to support them and they make promises to small business owners that they may or may not keep. As a small business delegate, Wayne Hartung worked continuously to make sure Congress did not forget their promises to help their small business constituents. That is why Wayne Hartung worked with the legislators to help small business owners get grants for their businesses. As a business owner himself, Wayne Hartung understands how important and critical grants and loans are for continued operation and growth.


Delegate for Small Business: Wayne Hartung

Every business wants to be profitable and grow in influence. Larger companies and corporations often have an advantage over small businesses because of their marketing power. However, there are benefits to using small businesses too. Small business owners know their customers, communities, and can deliver a personal touch that may be missing from larger companies. Wayne Hartung grew a small business to a large company when he was in his 20’s and understands the challenges faced by small business owners.

Wayne Hartung is proud to call Alabama his home. Recognized for his success in business, Wayne Hartung was appointed to the position of delegate for small business in lower Alabama. Naturally, Wayne Hartung was honored to take the position and worked hard to help businesses in his region.

Wayne Hartung

As a delegate, Wayne Hartung’s job was to represent the needs and concerns of businesses from lower Alabama. Small businesses counted on Wayne Hartung to be their voice before Congress. While it was a lot of responsibility, Wayne Hartung took the challenge eagerly and even worked with legislators to obtain grants for small businesses.

As a result of his work as a small business delegate, Wayne Hartung was introduced to the world of politics. It was never something he envisioned himself doing when he became an entrepreneur at just 19 years old. However, Wayne Hartung knew he could help thousands of people by educating senators about the challenges small businesses face every day. His insights allowed senators in Congress to weigh their decisions and the effects their decisions would have on their constituents back home.

Many small business owners pay attention to politics. Decisions made by government, both local and national, effect businesses in a number of ways every day.  Wayne Hartung’s position as delegate was to educate senators and Congress on how their decision would harm or help small businesses.